Spiral Out!

We will be using this section to enhance discussion of the Precepts and the Secret to Aiki

I intend to include preview of each precept (to encourage you to buy the book!  Hint, hint, buy it!) and to answer emails pertaining to each.  I figure we will blog on Aikiweb.com, but use this to log Aiki Secrets specific discussions for others.  Under construction for now.

The weak points in Uke’s stance.  Includes the ‘curves’

The complement to the No-Line and 20.  How we keep moving along the lines of no resistance even when we are not directly over them.

Where Uke is weak: No-Line and the 20; Parallelism

Where you are strong: The CAM (S and C); Sagittal Plane

More Secrets

Adding strength to your technique through superior pivot placement.  Know your fulcrum!

The Pin and Spin.  You would know what that meant if you read the book!

Connection Builders: Daito Hands/Lever Arms; Aiki-Age, Aiki-Sage

The Secret to Aiki

We have to have a place to talk details that are not specific to the precepts.  The precepts are only part of the mechanics after all.

The COB is a most amazing thing.  The key to performing directed motion (mind body unification) is knowing what the COB is and how it behaves.  It works in Aikido and all

Aiki and Aikido (that does not fit above)

The Center of Balance and Sports Theory