The Mojo (Moe’s Dojo) Just This Aikido

Orient, OH

Shameless over promotion.  I really like this dojo.  (Hmm… wonder why?)

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Tomiki Aikido of the Americas  TAA

This is the organization within which we practice Tomiki Aikido.  Lots of great teachers within the organization.  Hope you find one near you!

What?!?!? No competition in your Aikido dojo?  In Shodokan there is!  (Someone forgot to tell us to buy Hakamas!)

Japanese Aikido Association JAA

This is the official Shodokan Aikido Association web site. 

Shawn’s Cause: ALSWarrior

Besides being exceptionally wise beyond his years, an absolute Tea guru, and exceptional martial artist, Shawn has a serious cause.

It is not my place to tell his story.  Please check out his blog.


Lots of blogging about Aikido going on here.

Spiral Out!

Aikido Silicon Valley

Sunnyvale, CA

Sensei O’Quin and MacAllister are extraordinary in skill and hospitality.  Excellent club all around.  I will visit again, every chance I get.

Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy

Whitehall, PA

Sensei Nemeroff allowed me to visit and watch a class.  Anyone nearby should visit this dojo and experience some excellent instruction.  Sensei Nemeroff additionally teaches at Penn State.  It is obvious he has great command of not only martial arts, but the art of teaching.  He has a book too!  “Enter into Aikido

Aikido Eastside

Bellevue, WA

This is Sensei George Ledyard’s home dojo.  Find links to his many (incredible) videos for purchase, find out where he is conducting seminars, and even schedule a personal training session!