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Aiki Secrets is an effort to create verbal explanation that promotes a deeper awareness of the motions involved in knocking people down.  (and conversely, the actions that keep us standing)

I was never truly satisfied with my understanding of the Aikido taught to me.

It was never Sensei’s fault.  Every Sensei I have ever worked with was open and sharing all they could about this art, but I was lacking words to describe and conjecture if I was “getting it”.

I rationalized that the mind-body connection was the goal, but no one ever fed my mind with anything but an opportunity to build body awareness.  Where was the ‘mindful’ observation of what the body was doing?

I returned to Moe’s dojo and told him that, from now on, I wanted to learn deeper than ever before, that just doing was not going to be enough.  The quest began for not just words, but precision in words.

I am an Aiki novice in many ways.  I hope I never lose that perspective.  Aikido, or any martial art, could be explored over several lifetimes and still never be exhausted.

Where I am better than most, is in explaining the motions we perform.  I have a great deal of experience in reverse engineering and revealing the essence of the inertia(s).  Most importantly, I have great experience at explaining the motions in a understandable and actionable manner.  i.e., I can help someone gain their own sense of understanding and therefore assist them in engaging their mind with their actions.  The result, they are better than ever at the action they are performing, and the do not need me any more, except to collaborate and figure out where else we can go with the understanding.

I realize that one persons perspective is not always appropriate for everyone, so I am always looking for another perspective.

I also realize that not everyone cares for Martial Arts, so I am working to share the relevant explanations in the context of sports and dance, but only have time for one book at a time.

I practice in central Ohio.  Moe’s dojo is always open.  (JustThisAikido.com)

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Bill Dockery

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