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Well, we are working on the next book, but here is what is available mid-September:

Aiki Secrets: Six Precepts and the Dynamic COB

The Book

There are a wide variety of martial arts encompassing a broad range of proficiencies, skill sets, and goals. Regardless of their orientation, be it combat, grappling, or spiritual/centering, they are all inherently intertwined in their reliance on the understanding of one key, central concept: our Center of Balance (COB). Despite the fact that martial arts in general are centuries-old practices, not one has sought to approach this vital component from the perspective of kinesiology. Until now.


Breaking down the science of the physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms associated with human movement and applying them to Tomiki Ryu Aikido, William B. Dockery uses a western point of view to examine the six key precepts of his groundbreaking method:


                - No-Line and the 20

                - Parallelism

                - The Cam (S and C)

                - Sagittal Plane

                - Daito Hands and Lever Arms

                - Aiki-Age, Aiki-Sage


These six precepts culminate into the capstone concept:

The Secret to Aiki


Those willing to engage these fundamental teachings in a meaningful manner will achieve greater results than those without due to this melding of mind and body versus the rote mechanics of current methods. As revolutionary as it is easy to understand and apply, Aiki Secrets: Six Precepts and the Dynamic COB forever changes the paradigm.


With more than twenty years of martial arts experience, Dockery investigates many styles of martial arts as a method to improve and better understand his primary style, Tomiki Ryu Aikido. He holds a black belt in Tomiki Ryu Aikido and studies martial arts in central Ohio.

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